The StoneHill Group, Inc.
30338, Atlanta, Georgia, United States 7703991936 [email protected]

Company Overview

    The StoneHill Group offers premier mortgage outsourcing and consulting services to the mortgage, banking, credit union and financial industries.

     Our wide array of solutions include Mortgage Quality Control (Mortgage QC), Loan Fulfillment, MERS Reconciliation, Mortgage Due Diligence; Collateral Audits, Government Insuring (FHA/VA/HUD), Contract Underwriting and Mortgage Compliance Audits.

     Our services provide cost effective business solutions and flexibility for Lenders and Servicers that may experience periodic work overflow or wish to have an outside quality control system, turning fixed costs into variable costs. Using state-of-the-art systems and platforms, our quality mortgage services are delivered by the industry’s best mortgage professionals with integrity and commitment to excellence.